02 August 2016

Is the Red Halo a Gravity Lens Mirage? Or Chemical Dust from Nearby Planet?


This deep red Halo we keep seeing around our Sun...what is it?
Is the Red Halo a Gravity Lens Mirage?
We know it is visible from space, what is it?
WSO explores the theory of Gravity Distortion

A gravitational lens refers to a distribution of matter (such as a cluster of galaxies) between a distant source and an observer, that is capable of bending the light from the source as the light travels towards the observer. This effect is known as gravitational lensing, and the amount of bending is one of the predictions of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity. (Classical physics also predicts the bending of light, but only half that predicted by general relativity.  Read more at Wikipedia

ALSO READ ABOUT AND VIEW DIAGRAM [on same wiki page]  –Explanation in terms of space–time curvature: In general relativity, light follows the curvature of spacetime, hence when light passes around a massive object, it is bent.

UPDATE TO HALO SIGHTINGS:  A Physicist from Africa has stated that the Halo is formed from gases from the nearby planet (Nibiru System?) and is attracted to and flowing spherically around our Sun. [I learned elsewhere that] One of the nearby planets is comprised of Iron and off gases iron oxide. Some of this iron oxide can be seen on Earth as a reddish dust (in birdbaths, in moisture or in reddish cloud formations). Perhaps this accounts for the rivers, lakes and other bodies of water turning a deep red color.] 

See JewsNews for some interesting photos.

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