17 July 2016

Terror in France, Terror in Turkey, Terror in Tel Aviv, TERROR IN JERUSALEM


and let’s not forget Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market

(photo clips from A-7, Haaretz, Times of Israel)

A bomb scare near the Jerusalem light rail shut down much of central Jerusalem Sunday morning.

An Arab passenger boarding the light rail near the intersection of Yafo and King George aroused the suspicions of the train’s security guards, who questioned the man in an attempt to discern whether he posed a threat.

During the conversation, the man claimed he was carrying an explosive device in his bag. Security guards then detained the man, who was handed over to Jerusalem police for interrogation. ArutzSheva

Train Guard Describes How He Captured the Terrorist "“As I’m watching the entrance to the train, I saw a man wearing a hat, glasses, a knapsack on his back, leaning on the wall and he’s scanning the train station left and right.
I approached the man, and questioned him, I said something wasn’t right.
I asked him to put down his knapsack.
He refused.
I immediately spun the man around, using reasonable force, I placed him against the wall, and checked him.
I took the knapsack off him, and saw a small bag inside. I lifted the bag up and saw the bomb.
I immediately knocked him down onto the ground.

The Nest is in Hebron; time to clean out the Vermin.

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