11 July 2016

Recent Explanatory Images From the Sun and Change in The Earth’s Jet Stream Plus Current Video

In the following series of photos, we see the Sun with its Huge Corona Hole and Mysterious “Things” Darting about the perimeter of the Sun. Steve did a whole video on this and there are no explanations at the present time. I viewed these last week but just got around to posting them.

This is a close-up of one of the objects, which seems to have its own light source.

Our Sun with a huge coronal hole at the bottom

You can see a faint object in lower left corner of this photo

These next photos are of the Earth’s Jet Stream with Differing

This is what the NORMAL Jet Stream (blue thin stream in center of globe) should look like

This is what it looks like now, NOT NORMAL

This is the Southern Pole cool air stream

The following Video explains in-depth what is happening "Upper Jet Stream is Fragmenting”

Next are a number of images submitted, which Steven then puts them through a “Time Lapse” imaging so we can see more clearly exactly what the photo is depicting. 

Stop viewing at 16:50 as Steve goes into cautioning his audience to connect with “their spiritual source” in preparation for “an eventual event.” Steve is a christian, but his focus on communicating with a higher being is appropriate. 

As Jews we go to the Supreme Source of All, Hashem, Who Created all these planets and objects.

Here are some photos from the video:


Leah said...

The bottom one is wicked. Is that red object the planet /dwarf that one is looking at?

Neshama said...

It is rather amazing. But what about the blue orb? This whole system is fascinating. I was thinking lately that we Jews should look at this as something beneficial for us, as G-D's chosen Nation.