04 July 2016

Photos of Nibiru Researcher Sharon Hrabec

Jun 29, 2016
WSO looks at the work of 4 year Nibiru researcher Sharon Hrabec. Sharon literally takes 100s of photos a day to capture one really compelling shot. She allows WSO to use her material. Below is a cluster of her photos, (screenshots by me)  showing various images she captured from her back yard. Below is the WSO video wherein Sharon describes her impressions of what is going on. Very interesting.

Undoubtedly this shows the Majesty of Hashem in His multifaceted creations. To me its as if Hashem is giving us a “Light Show” to entertain and impress us to show the smallness of man and his understanding of life.

Here we have two objects in the sky, and others partially in view:

This is showing the object/planet in space and its reflection on her window!

Despite the heavy clouding (natural or manmade) we see the unusually BRIGHT object:

This one shows a BLUE OBJECT behind the clouds plus whatever else we cannot see because of the clouding:

On this one you can read her analysis:


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