20 July 2016

Multiple Sightings of Nibiru System and View of the Sun Flipping Over

Multiple Sightings of Nibiru System
these pics come at a time when some are doubting the existence and visibility of Nibiru and it Moons and sundry accomplices
(when I write “Orb” it refers to either Nibiru or any of its Moons etc.)

(see below)

Here is a capture of the Object as the Moon passes by:

These show the Green Object and the Blue and Red Object:

This is a Telescope Sighting of the Big Object (Nibiru) and its Gases near the Sun getting closer

Here we see the Object with its Tail of gases/particles

NASA camera shows MASSIVE Planet Between Earth and Sun!

This is a submission from Poland with FINGER CORRECTLY COVERING THE SUN so the Object in Upper Right CAN BE SEEN


The sun appears to take a dizzying flip in a new video captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft .

SDO did a full somersault on July 6 over the course of about 7 hours, taking pictures of the Sun every 12 seconds all the while.

"Were the sun perfectly spherical, this would be a much simpler task. But the solar surface is dynamic, leading to occasional distortions," NASA officials wrote. "This makes it hard for HMI to find the sun’s edge when it’s perfectly still. HMI’s biannual roll lets each part of the camera look at the entire perimeter of the sun, helping it map the sun’s shape much more precisely.” Space


Anonymous said...

This is awe-inspiring. I noticed at sunset today that the sun is acting strange.

Neshama said...

I think its really Earth that is shifting, because of where the Moon is and isn’t sometimes. The Moon reflects the Sun and I believe they work in tandem, so if one is off the other is off too. But its really the earth!

Yes, strange this all is ….. but magnificent at the same time because Hashem is causing all this …. for a reason ….. and what might that reason be????

Neshama said...

Anon, you do realize that the section on the Sun herein is really saying that the SDO is doing the somersaults!

Anonymous said...

Neshama , what is going on on the inside in life is always refleted in some way externally. The sun represents the life, energy giving power of creation, it may be a metaphor for Hashem and the moon reflects the sun's light so that is am yisrael and davids kingdom that just like the moon renews itself but never disappears.. Just guessing