05 July 2016

Bechina: Miracles of the Eye

Bechina: Miracles of the Eye (Visual)
From Awake, My Glory ​by Rabbi Avigdor Miller

In the retina of the human eye there are 100 million light-receptors. However, they are attached to only one million nerve endings, which means that for every 100 light-receptor cells there is only one nerve by which they send their messages to the brain. 

Therefore in order to travel by way of the nerve to the brain, a light-sensation must be strong enough to activate 100 light-receptors. This arrangement prevents constant bombardment of the brain by every negligible light-sensation. 

Are such arrangements the result of accident?
Every component is of exquisite precision, and is exactly suited for its specific function

The eye's muscles and optic nerve are visible. Image by Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator

The eye is a color camera. It focuses automatically according to the distance of the object. The lens adjusts its degree of curvature as necessary.

​The eye turns in the direction which is needed. The two eyes function like two perfectly synchronised cameras to form one picture in the brain. The iris controls the width of the entering light beam to admit more or less light as circumstances require.

The pressure of the eye liquor is always precisely enough to maintain the proper shape of the eyeball. The lens is a living tissue which miraculously metamorphosed into transparent material which serves more efficiently than the best man-made product.

Every component is of exquisite precision, and is exactly suited for its specific function. 

The retina, eye liquor, cornea, pupil, iris, eye-muscles, lens, nerves, sclera and others, all of different and especially-composed materials, all developed from the same bit of original embryonic tissue.

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Myrtle Rising said...

Your posts showing the wonders of creation, including conception and different parts of the body, are comprehensive and a tremendous kiddush Hashem. Thank you for them.