31 July 2016

A Golden Opportunity

What wonderful words wrote Rav Berger that I recommend you read the rest on YeranenYaakov:

"Geula Update from Rav Berger - Matot 5776 - Part 1 of 2 (YY translation):

"The last prayers tip the scale!...

"For generations upon generations, people hope for the coming of Mashiah - but nevertheless, he has not yet arrived. And many times, people wonder: how is it possible that our fathers, who preceded us were like angels, who mourned all their days over the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash, arranged to say Tikkun Hatzot every night with sackcloth and ashes, prayed for the Redemption with an abundance of tears, and attempted to hasten it with their concentrations, unifications of Hashem's name, with their Torah and with their Mitzvot, and they were not answered? [Read all of Rav Berger’s words at above link] . . .
"Father, redeem us already!!!"
"Send us our righteous Mashiah!!!"
"Build Your Beit Hamikdash!!!"
"Have your Shechina dwell among us!!!" 
"We already want to see the end and finality to all our troubles, the beginning and start to the redemption of our souls!!!"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This coming Tisha B’Av please have these precious words in mind and implore Hashem with the above highlighted text (from Rav Berger). 

Its so sad, but all the Jews in all of the golus countries need to (wake up &) realize and act upon the fact that Hashem has made returning to our Homeland, our Yerusha, possible. The time of the “Spies” has now passed and we are being allowed to enter Eretz Yisrael (despite whatever good/bad govt and people are in power –they will dissolve upon Mashiach’s arrival); this is such a small mountain to climb to enter the Land. One tribe tried to enter after hearing the report of the Spies, but because Hashem didn’t let, they didn’t make it there. But now the gates are wide open . . . .

We are so gifted with abundant resources to live a full Jewish life (in earnest) and to do so in Eretz Yisrael, in our Homeland. It is inconceivable that some Jews are still asleep. What more needs to happen for them to ‘HOP’ what is happening in this tiny world of ours? And to appreciate the golden opportunity placed before us.

Maybe those in the Golus nations could benefit from a Torah Empowerment Seminar conceived of and produced by Rabbi Pinchas Winston Shlit”a.  Read more:

FOR MANY, TORAH IS primarily a code of morality, designed to encourage a spiritually-inclined lifestyle. It expects subjugation to its system of mitzvos and loyalty to God. In short, it is designed to make good “soldiers.”

Such people do not associate Torah with empowerment, inspiration, or increased motivation. They do not understand how Torah is deeper than any human mind can fathom, and that this depth explains the entire universe, what we can see and what we cannot. They do not appreciate that Torah holds the secret to self-actualization in the most meaningful way possible.

The system is called “Pardes.” The Hebrew word itself only means “orchard,” but something far more profound as the acronym for the four Hebrew words: Pshat, Remez, Drush, and Sod. Literally, the names mean: Simple, Hint, Exegesis, and Secret, and refers to four levels of Torah learning: 

Knowledge is power. Pardes is access to the most powerful knowledge available to man. Knowledge empowers. Pardes is an integrated system of such knowledge, the mastering of which results in tremendous per- sonal empowerment and on-going inspiration.

THE GOAL OF THIS seminar is to inspire and motivate. As the blueprint for Creation,3 Torah, vis-à-vis “Pardes,” relates a wealth of information about Creation, life, and history. The realization of this is extremely uplifting. Harnessing it is life-altering, and truly empowering on a daily basis.

The material will provide a unique understanding of the Torah system, and how to utilize it. It will teach how to personally advance one’s understanding of Creation and life. It will become clear why Pardes is crucial for personal harmony and continuous peace of mind.

1 The simple reading of a Torah verse.
2 Concise encoded teachings that comprise the legal part of the Oral Law and which are the basis of Talmudic discussions.
3 Bereishis Rabbah 1:1.


You can purchase this Seminar Guidelines and bring it to your community, to whomever will be interested, and gather willing neshomas, and from these attendees, the spread of precious ideas that might awaken the dormant Pintele Yid to come Home.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful idea. Trouble is the majority of world Jewry and, of course, many Israeli Jews, are so far removed from anything to do with Torah (if they even ever heard the word), that it is not only depressing but also frightening.

Think, that at the end of the day, those who will return (do teshuva) are true Jewish souls and, those who cannot understand or will never comprehend the seriousness of the fear and love of H', are not true Jewish souls to begin with, r'l. We, who understand have the obligation of now putting more kavanah and emunah in our tefilot and mitzvot and pray for all of true Am Yisrael's sake, to hasten biat Moshiach Tzdkeinu. In the meantime, we need also to do as much kiruv on an individual level and try to influence our fellow Jews (relatives, friends, neighbors) whenever and wherever we can. Too many need to learn even the most basic of Yiddishkeit. H' help us!

GoldieZP said...

I'm with you! You have a great write up for Rabbi Winston's Torah Seminar!