09 March 2016

Pashtun Proverbs and the Nation Conquerers

UPDATE:  Just in Time: Time for a New Sykes-Pico Agreement to Fix the Middle East by Peter Van Buren for Reuters Blog (printed in the Jlem Post today). My 'thesis' is right on target.

Pashtun Proverbs

You want to know whether I am first a Pashtun, a Muslim, or a Pakistani. I have been a Pashtun for 2,000 years, a Muslim for 1,400 years, and a Pakistani for 30 years. Therefore, I will always be a Pashtun first.
Wali Khan

My spirit will remain in Afghanistan, though my soul will go to God. My last words to you, my son and successor, are: Never trust the Russians.
Abdur Rahman Khan
Amir of Afghanistan, 1880-1901

My sons and successors should not try to introduce reforms of any kind in such a hurry as to set the people against their ruler...they must adopt all these gradually as the people become accustomed to the idea of modern innovation.
Abdur Rahman Khan
Amir of Afghanistan, 1880-1901

The Pashtun is never at peace, except when he is at war.
Pashtun Proverb

First comes one Englishman, as a traveler or for shikar; then come two and make a map; then comes an army and takes the country. Therefore it is better to kill the first Englishman.
Pashtun Proverb

Did you know The Bani-Israelite theory about the origin of the Pashtuns is based on Pashtun oral traditions; the tradition itself was documented in the Makhzan-i-Afghani, which is the only written source addressing Pashtun origins

Did you know that all the political/military fuss over in Afghanistan/Pakistan is really about Dividing The Jews (Pashtun Tribes) and has been going on for years and years. We Jews in Israel are just learning about this.

Did you know Afghanistan, also called Khorasan or Khurasan in medieval Muslim and Hebrew sources, has a Jewish history that may date back 2,700 years to the destruction of the Temple and the Babylonian exile

Did you know "People that exist within a sovereign state’s borders and outside the state’s authority present a dangerous problem to both the state itself and the international community." This is a thesis that addresses the efforts of different states to establish their authority over the Pashtun ethnic group. The Pashtun are at the heart of the conflict in Afghanistan, and provide both an important and current example of why “ungoverned spaces” have become such hot topic among many of the world’s countries. [After reading splices of this Thesis: Think of the non-people plaguing the Jews in sovereign Israel, and how the "Conquering Nations" want to divide Israel, but didn't succeed in Afghanistan, and are still trying in tiny Eretz Yisrael. The conquering nations used a "divide and chaos" strategy. What connects these two groups of peoples is that they are Jews!]  So says The Tribal Analysis Center.

The same strategy sliced through the Arab World with the Sykes–Picot Agreement. The Agreement is considered to have shaped the region, defining the borders of Iraq and Syria and leading to the current conflict between Israel and the Palestinian. (Notice the use of Area A and Area B. Sound familiar? Only in Israel we have an Area C added to the cocktail.)

Map of Sykes–Picot Agreement showing Eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and Western Persia, and areas of control and influence agreed between the British and the French. Royal Geographical Society, 1910-15. Signed by Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot, 8 May 1916

The Conquers Divided the Land. The Durand (red) Line (intern'l boundary) divides Afghanistan from Pakistan (yellow), right in the middle of the Pashtun Tribal land (blue). Some say there is no such thing as a Pakistani People (sound familiar–Israel has its 'non-people' to contend with.)

The Conquerers were the British (raping countries), Russia (defeated by Pashtuns) and now the U.S. Government (State Dept.) All out to destroy the Jewish People wherever they are in the world).

Did you know about the "Afghan Genizah"

In January 2013, Israel's National Library officially unveiled a large cache of Hebrew documents and manuscripts discovered from caves in former Taliban-controlled areas of Afghanistan that provide the first physical evidence of a Jewish community over a thousand years old.

One Source for Afghan, from King Saul, and his grandson Malak Afghana.

An Interesting Interview from Israel Rising (click on red circle to stop audio, then click on "X" in upper right Soundcloud screen to listen when you are ready): Discussion of the plight of Biafra and Pashtunistan as well as their linkage as Israelites in their war for freedom against a global neo-colonial military system.

In 2009 and 2010 I posted several articles on the Pashtuns being possibly the Ten Lost Tribes. Here is a Search Link which lists many of them. But there are more. I remember receiving an email from a researcher in Afghanistan asking if he could use my data; this data was merely research from the internet searching for whatever I could find relating to the Pashtuns.

Other Articles

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Nimat Allah al-Harawi

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Taliban may have origin in ancient tribe of Israel / Anthropologist finds many similarities.

Taliban may be descended from Jews The Daily Telegraph revealed that Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad family may have been Jewish.


Anonymous said...

The Pashtuns might be the only ones I believe had a connection historically to the Jews. Many of their customs, etc. and there is much idication that they come from one of the tribes; believe these were one of the tribes of the kingdom of Israel when they were conquered by the Assyrians. But after 2000 years, they are no longer Jews in any sense of the word. There is a chance if they only 'intramarried' within their own, then they still might be considered Jews, but their violent nature is more of Yishmael.
As far as the other peoples, there are many, many questions and do not believe they have any connection to the Jewish people, other than the great assimilation of Jews worldwide over the millenia. Fishing for people to be 'Jews' is really sinful and we do not need another Erev Rav population.
Further return of Jews will be as individuals who sincerely yearn individually to convert to Judasim, and this is what is meant by the return of lost Jewish souls.
We cannot allow ourselves to be brainwashed by years of purposeful media propaganda by those even with kippot on their heads.

Neshama said...

Anonymous, you did not even recognize or comment on the Sykes Pico Agreement fiasco perpetrated against Jews and the Arabs (and in turn also against the Israelis).

Today in the Jlem Post you must read Time for a new Sykes-Pico Agreement to Fix the Middle East. Three guesses what that will entail. However, the article does not mention Israel, but what is America (Obama et al) trying to do ...........DIVIDE ISRAEL and SEPARATE JERUSALEM FROM ISRAEL. See my new post today.

Jesterhead45 said...

It is fairly common among peoples forcibly converted to Islam to craft an identity as well as claim lineage to significant individuals whether as descendants of the founder of Islam or his companions / contemporaries, Genghis Khan or in the case of the Pashtuns from the lost Tribes of Israel.

Neshama said...

Jesterhead, it says in supporting links, that the Pashtuns were culturally staunch in not changing their "customs" and these customs are JEWISH. While they at one point may have become muslim, they did not and do not worship ALLAH. There are , I believe, two divisions in the pashtuns, those that assimilated into the more modern social and political framework (but are still staunchly pashtun), and those who are voluntarily housed in the mountain top areas, where they DO NO MIX RACIALLY with the muslims. These are the bona fide Jews. In the Israel Rising audio they even discuss this (among other things).

nadav s said...

They dont mix with muslims buy they are muslims.

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nadav s said...

They are muslims but dont marry other muslims.

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nadav s said...

They dont mix with muslims buy they are muslims.

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