14 March 2016

More About NIBIRU

This is very interesting and seems to cover many (not all) of the points that we have read about in different blog sources, but all discussed here in one video. It ends abruptly and I couldn't find a sequel.

Planet X Nibiru Must Watch

If this is true, it is amazing. However, why is it still on you tube? 
(Hint: at the very end is the answer.)

This video is made by a non Jew (but no proselytizing) However very interesting about the time of Yehoshua and the sun standing still.


Anonymous said...

Turner Radio Network, which posted this sensational video, seems to have a reputation of a gov sponsored disinformation hoax factory. See information about them here: http://educate-yourself.org/cn/turnerhealthcanadaconcealinghoax06jan14.shtml

Anonymous said...

Somehow I have also an intuitive feeling that this other xtian guy, Gill Boussard who has a lot of revelations about the "Planet7x", could be also a part of a gov sponsored disinformation operation. And also one Rabbi Menachem from absolutetruth613 seems to totally believe in the theory of this guy Gill, and R.Menachen has based his recent predictions of "The End" on the 26. of march 2016, based mainly on the research by Gill Boussard. As we all clearly see, nothing is coming out of this prediction except of a massive disappointment. And this is exactly the goal of this gov organized disinformation operation - to discredit the whole story of the Nibiru, the Planet X and cause the pubic to stop thinking about it. They are making some very bold predictions, through Gill Boussard or through Rav Menachem who believes to most of what Gill Boussard says, and when their bold predictions are not coming true, the public stops to believe in the whole story of the Planet X, and this whole story is got discredited, and nobody believes even to those who are giving truthful information. Mission accomplished ! Rav Menachen seems to be a very honest and sincere person, but he seems to be misled (on purpose !) by his sources, such as Gill Boussard and his other contacts in the US army, about whom he is openly writing on his blog. The obvious question is, if the information he is writing about is sooooo secret, why on earth the PTB are allowing him to continue publishing this information freely and are not trying to shut his mouth. The obvious question is that he must unknowingly make exactly the same work the PTB would like to be done in the first place. They are surely supplying these Gill Boussard and Rav Menachem with some sort of disinformation, in order for them to distribute it to us. I think that Gill Boussard is also such a type of an honest and sincere person, who is being fed by misleading disinformation and is being used by the PTB as a disinformation agent to fool the public.

Anonymous said...

Ok... but sorry to point out the obvious... everything can still happen... but predictions for 2014 were not exactly on target. Florida is still standing... I am all for conspiracies but this sounds kind of ridiculous.

Neshama said...

Bina, i disregarded the dates in all these and other videos because the One in Charge (HKB"H) is in charge of everything. That being said, I still found the presentation re Joshua to be fascinating in and of itself.

Anonymous, seems you posted the same comment twice, so I only published one. I wasn't aware that Boussard was part of Menachem's sources. Thanks. However, Devash is steadfast in her coverage of Nibiru, even with pics. And I seriously doubt she is on the NWO payroll; it would be anathema to her.

Really, why do you think this is all a hoax, or don't you? What did you think of the second video? Is this guy's story on the up and up? Sounds fishy to me.

Anonymous said...

No, has ve shalom ! I do NOT think that verything of it were hoax !!! I am personally thinking that the story about Nibiru is VERY TRUE indeed and we must start preparing already both spiritually and phisically !!! It is consistent with so many prophecies in the TaNaCh and with many maamarim in the Holy Zohar. In this I am also in total agreement with Rav Menachem. The only important detail I wanted to illuminate in my comment was, that this issue of Nibiru is so much true, that the PTB are desperately trying to put there so much disinformation, so that we could not recognize the truth from the lies anymore. And their obvious modus operandi is to come up with very bold predictions, let the public live in fear until that date, and finally see that nothing had happend, and as a result, stop thinking seriously about the whole thing but rather discard it completely as a hoax. While the PTB themselves knowing the truth, being preparing for the coming calamities secretely. What I fould troubling with Gill's and partially also with Rav Menachem's position, is that they are seeming to follow exactly this scheme of operation, making their very bold predictions as if it were absolute truth, and after their predictions fail to materialize, causing a lot of their followers dismiss the whole issue of Nibiru as a mere hoax. And as I wrote previously I consider both Gill and R.Menachem, especially the later, to be absolutely honest people and truthful researchers, albeit possibly fed by their sourses some critically important disinformations cooked up on purpose by the PTB.

Anonymous said...

>>>Really, why do you think this is all a hoax, or don't you?<<<

No, I do not think that "this is all a hoax". I think, Nibiru is very real and rapidly approaching us and is a tremendous danger to all of us, and that we need to really start doing our Tshuva and also start doing some prepping physically !!! No, it is not a hoax at all. On the contarary, the amount of disinformation out there is another indirect proof that there is something huge, that the PTB are trying to hide from us, in the plain view, through their massive disinformation.

>>>What did you think of the second video? Is this guy's story on the up and up? Sounds fishy to me.<<<

This video is an OBVIOUS HOAX. And it could be also obvious back in 2014 when this video was done. We would not have to wait until now, in order to see that it is a rather cheap hoax. This boy is a Dr. Prof. of astronomy, as I am the King of China ! The video is so poorly done and is so stupid, that everything is prety obvious about it. It is beyond "fishy".

Anonymous said...

By the way, from all the current Jewish sources writing about Nibiru, which I was reading recently, the most honest and trustworthy research, in my opinion, is being done by Devash from TomerDevorah and TrackingNibiru blogs. She seems to have a totally objective and scientific approach in collecting all the available FACTS and trying to analyze them according to the Truth and not according to some agenda. Kol-haKavod to her!

Anonymous said...

the first video is from august 2014 when he expected to come by