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27 March 2016

Increased Anti-Semitism and Purim's Message for Jews of Israel

Seeing that HKB"H is whipping up the antisemitism to motivate the Jews in Chu"l to return (both in teshuva and) to Eretz Yisrael, in addition to what is found in the Zohar and in the words of our prophets about a 'Star' Kochav Yaakov to visit us as this Redemption speeds up, and that Purim is the one Jewish holy-day to survive the others, we must see in the Purim narrative the key to our true Geulah. What was the ikkar? What was forced upon the Jews of Shushan to save them? And I'm not referring to the fast of Esther! Rather, it was the one thing that has suffered through the ages. We were punished by being sent into Golus. Therefore we were never all together again like at Sinai; we were deprived of achdus.

Achdus could not exist being scattered throughout the nations. We were eventually hated in every land we sojourned. History intervened and allowed the Jews an opportunity to return to our source, Eretz Yisrael. But not every Jew understood this. And so the Golus dragged on. However, this is coming to an end. Those who could not come, or did not want to leave, are now being chased out.

For only in the Land of our Avos and Imahos can the Jew achieve true Achdus (not political OR spiritual, but both).

Below is one man's observation:

"[...] Having successfully been saved, the holiday of Purim was declared and the different ways that it is celebrated are considered refutations of Haman's claim the the Jewish people lacked unity. This includes SEUDAT PURIM, MISHLO'ACH MANOT, and MATANOT LA'EVYONIM, all of which put a lie to Haman's claim.

"Commemorating the mitzva of MACHATZIT HASHEKEL by reading Parshat Sh'kalim on or before Rosh Chodesh Adar, and giving ZEICHER L'MACHATZIT HASHEKEL before Megila reading, brings into the picture our mitzva that represents Jewish Unity, because everyone gave MACHATZIT HASHEKEL equally, because the amount of HALF makes the statement that we are all part of something together.

"But the nagging question that we each must grapple with, is - Was Haman right? Are we a scattered and fractionalized people? Or have we learned the lesson of Purim and drawn closer together as one AM YISRAEL? Do we have to spell it out? Look around you. Do you see Jewish Unity? Or do you see religious and secular, Ashkenazi and S'faradi, Mitnageid and Chassid, Zionist and non-Zionist and anti-Zionist, Dati Leumi and Chareidi, political right and left, two-state solution people and one-state people, military service for Yeshiva students or not... Sadly, we can go on and on with the splits that divide us.

"The differences are not going to go away so quickly. What perhaps can be worked on is something that we learned along time ago - at the conclusion of the Torah: ATEM NITZAVIM HAYOM KULCHEM... we are all standing before G-d, together. There are more than enough peoples in the world [that] can't stand the Jews. We need to seriously change our attitudes towards HOW we argue with each other. HOW we differ. We can disagree. Even passionately. But that doesn't mean we should hate."

Source:  Post Purim

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Anonymous said...

We should not hate, c'v, each other; but there is a difference of unity between those who fear and love H' and those who are His enemies from within and are, literally, working to do everything they can to go against Him and His Torah; thus, causing splits within the nation. We, who believe and know the truth of H', Torah and have Jewish hearts, must unite, no matter where in the world they were scattered to. United we can overcome the wickedness of those within who are fighting us tooth and nail. Maybe even for us to have influence upon those with Jewish souls who are willing to return to their roots.