07 June 2015

Why Not Revoke Her "Purported" Conversion!

Why doesn't the Chief Rabbinate revoke the conversion of Anne Ayalon, who works eagerly for disseminating Christianity in Eretz Yisrael. Is she living up to Orthodox principles? Is she Jewish in any sense of the essence of Judaism? Does she KEEP the halachot? (While other converts are revoked for wearing pants or other minor 'offenses')

"Anne Ayalon, founder and president of the Galilean Resort project, appeared on the Christian TV program "In the Last Days" (2013) where she encourages a Christian attachment to the land of Israel and places a theological emphasis on Jews and Christians coming together. Ayalon, a purported convert to Judaism and the wife of Israeli politician Danny Ayalon, states (...) that she personally doesn't see a lot of difference between Christianity and Judaism." Jewish Israel

Embarrasing Statements by Danny Ayalon "Ayalon was talking about the advantages of allowing Christian prayer in Kever David, KIng David's Tomb, which the Christians claim as being the site of the "Last Supper."" This statement was made on Israeli TV this Motzei Shabbat (in link).

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