15 June 2011

The Timing is Wrong ... The End Of A Once Great Nation

America is headed for the golus dustbin of history's former ruling nations.

Never thought I would think such a thought, but here it is playing itself out before my eyes. I have been witnessing these events for many years. When thinking of my mother, Malka bas Yosef a"h, I often characterized her life as a time of monumental world changes, 1917-2006. It was a period spanning the end of WWI, thru WWII, and encompassing the crash of the Twin Towers 9/11.

Born in the cradle of history Philadelphia, moving to Tea Party Boston for a while, experiencing this remnant of America's revolutionary history, and finally settling in Brooklyn, NY, the unique center of religious Judaism in the world, before immigrating to our Homeland, I was aware that my life's path somewhat mirrored what was happening on the globe.

Geula was always in the forefront of my eye on events as the G-d of the Universe, our Father in Shomayim, The Supreme Ruler of life was moving around those chess pieces.

The game is still going strong.

And now to some news:

One by one the US President is eliminating the former US Governments' position people to replace them with those aligned with his plans for "a radical transformation," of the 'once great United States' perhaps into a third world type socialist/communist society and a third world economy. Putin is lining up once more to join the (chess game, of which he is a master), while Medvedev is extolling Obama.

To paraphrase
Caroline Glick, who quotes US Defense Secretary Bill Gates in his Newsweek interview:

Outgoing US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is worried about the shape of things to come in US foreign policy. In an interview with Newsweek over the weekend, Gates sounded the warning bells.

"What Gates is effectively saying is not that economic forecasts are gloomy. US defense spending comprises less than five percent of the federal budget. If US President Barack Obama wanted to maintain that level of spending, the Republican-controlled Congress would probably pass his defense budget. What Gates is saying is that he doesn’t trust his commander in chief to allocate the resources to preserve America’s superpower status ..."

In other words, ... "He believes that Obama is willing to 'surrender' the US's status as a superpower ... and it's time for me to retire .. can't imagine being a part of" an Obama foreign policy.

Pieces of the Same Puzzle?

Niall Ferguson in the
the Jerusalem Post's Business & Finance section: "Beware of Arab Spring's Economic Consequences" Niall Ferguson spoke at the Israel Democracy's Institute's Caesarea Economic Policy Planning Forum, "The world is in a massive shift after 500 years of Western Ascendency."

I wrote about Niall back in February.

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