21 June 2011

Pajamas Media Revealing Expose

Stupid, what Anthony Weiner did to himself.
Was he totally to blame?

Pajamas Media has a expose on Weiner's new wife's in-laws, Mrs Weiner (Huma Abedin) who works extremely closely with Hilary Clinton (who surely does a background check on all her assistants).

Read the revealing background data Pajamas Media found.

An interesting footnote to their expose: "It is sacrilege in Islam for Huma’s mother to accept the reality that her daughter is married to a Jew. Yet neither Saleha nor Huma’s brother Hassan denounces her marriage to Weiner, especially when it was considered null and void by some of the highest authorities on Islamic Sharia rulings."

Does that mean Huma was involved in a l'havdil Queen Esther plot?

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