22 June 2011

Dovid HaMelech's Jerusalem

This is where I've been the past two Sundays, with the final segment in the Megalim series being this coming Sunday. I recommend this to everyone interested in the history of Dovid HaMelech's Jerusalem,

The City of David Excavation site.

In this JPost article, you can read about the
City of David - Gone but not forgotten.

"From any vantage point in Jerusalem the City of David is a pretty unimpressive sight. Indeed, it is hard to believe that this neglected patch of land, a tiny triangle located outside the Old City walls and south of the Temple Mount, was once the splendid capital of the mighty kingdom of Judah. But don't be deceived by appearances: Underneath the stones, weeds, and rubble, the City of David is actually a work in progress where ongoing excavations seem to confirm many a biblical narrative."

More at City of David link. And at Megalim link.

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