26 April 2010

Volcanos ... flaming fire His attendants

Borchi Nafshi

Bless Hashem, O my soul.
Hashem, my G-d, You are very great;
You have donned majesty and splendor;
cloaked in light as with a garment,
stretching out the heavens like a curtain.

He who roofs His upper changers with water;
He Who makes clouds His chariot;
He Who walks on winged wind;
He makes the winds His messengers,
the flaming fire His attendants;
He established the earth upon its foundations,
that it falter not forever and ever....

Borchi Nafshi - Perek 104 Tehillim
'For Protection Against Enemies'

Bless HaShem, Creator of the Natural World

"David (HaMelech) reacts to his contemplation of the vastness of the natural world, the awe-inspiring wonders of creation. He tells of how the waters once covered the mountains, until G-d gathered them into oceans and set limits so that they would never again cover the earth (verses 6-9). David marvels at how nature is perfectly designed to provide sustenance to all the earth's inhabitants, man and animal alike. The earth not only produces life-sustaining bread and water, but even provides wine to bring people joy and relaxation, and oil for physical comfort (verse 15). The day-night cycle is such that dangerous beasts roam in search for food in the dark of night, when people rest at home, and then return to their dens during the day when humans arise to perform their work (verses 20-23)....

"Similarly, David wishes G-d, as it were, that He should rejoice in His handiwork, that the world He created with such brilliance should progress in accordance with His will, in the manner that He had intended. This will happen only when "sinners are eradicated from the earth" (verse 35), when all people finally recognize the purpose for which they were created, and live their lives in the devoted service of the Almighty."

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