16 April 2010

Seismic Justice ....

The Birth of a Purim Volcano

A volcanic eruption in Iceland (that began in March), has thrown up a 6-km (3.7 mile) high plume of ash and disrupted air traffic across northern Europe, and has grown more intense .... [The] glacier continued to spew large amounts of ash and smoke into the air and showed NO signs of abating after 40 hours of activity ...
...geophysicist at the University of Iceland

The eruption began in March but subsided earlier this week when a magma conduit became blocked, building up pressure ... finally escaping through the volcano's main crater.

"The seismographs are showing that since this morning the intensity of the eruption seems to be growing," ...
Hot fumes had melted up to a third of the glacial ice covering the crater, causing a nearby river to burst its banks, and frequent explosions on the floor of the crater sounded like bombs ....

Tectonic adjustment? Further cooling...?


Seismic Midda K'neged Midda to Britain for the
British Advertising Standards Authority
offensive and insulting
about Yerushalayim
Or is this in retaliation for Obama's insulting and arrogant behavior toward the Prime Minister of Eretz HaKodesh?
Or a warning to those who rioted over the Holy Hurva Synagogue
and collective wrath over the world's fraudulent and treacherous scheming
over Eretz HaKodesh
and Yerushalayim


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