05 October 2016

Amazing Phenomenon in Jerusalem

Did Anyone See This on Sunday October 2? 
If so, please respond in the comments

Also see the videos on this page: http://strangesounds.org

A VERY NICE commenter sent us this Video of HaRav Yuval Ovadia (in Hebrew) discussing the Shofar heard in Yerushalayim:

בעולם! מומלץ מאוד הרב יובל עובדיה - סיכום השנה, עידכונים בכל המתרחש


Anonymous said...

It happened last week that heard the shophar in Haifa. I even said the message to Devash, I was so excited but I understood that she doesn't believe me, so what can I do? It was blowing for a long long time and the same exactly sound. Leah

LondonMale said...

It looks like Computer Generated Imagery.

Neshama said...

Thank you both for responding.

LondonMale: IT WAS NOT COMPUTER GENERATED - IT WAS STRONG LIGHT FILTERING THROUGH THE CLOUDS AND HALO and at the same time the Shofar-sounding sounds were heard.

Anonymous: When was it heard? If before R”Hashana, on a weekday, perhaps it was someone practicing for their Shul. Depends when you heard it. THE ABOVE WAS ON SUNDAY AND SIMULTANEOUS WITH THE CLOUD AND HALO APPEARANCE.

Of course, we need to check it out, that is why I asked if anyone HEARD IT ON SUNDAY!

Anonymous said...

It was 25th of sept. I do not know if this video is true or not, but definitely gives me a hope that something is coming. No Neshama it was the same sound that in the video, and very loud. From shamayim. I know it sounds strange but my husband heard it and my friend heard it. It was blowing for several hours.Well it's up to you. But I'm almost sure you will hear it soon too,B"H. YOu will not miss it.Leah

Anonymous said...

Everybody listen to this video who knows hebrew --8:20 -9:00
rav Yuval Ovadya talks about shophar that was heard in Yerushalayim.

Please wake up! I heard shophar also today!!! leah

Neshama said...

Leah, thank you for responding. Since you heard the same sound (as has been heard all over the world on occasion) for a long period of time, it must be real.

Anonymous, thank you for the link to this new video

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing shofar sounds in the center of Israel but I do not remember if it was sunday or a day or so before that

Neshama said...

Thank you Leah and Thank You Rina

Anonymous said...

please watch it you won't be sorry



Anonymous said...