05 January 2015

Jerusalem is in Drastic Trouble

from none other than the Jerusalem Mayor Barkat/Netanyahu team:

"A report on Monday revealed that Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat told his associates in closed forums that he has reached an agreement with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, by which the position of Minister of Jerusalem Affairs is reserved for him."

"Responding to the news on Monday, Jerusalem Councilman Arieh King reacted with concern on Facebook, warning that such a move would be a clear "danger" to Jerusalem.

"[. . .] King vowed to "do everything possible to establish an opposition in the municipality against the mayor, a fighting opposition that will press him to resign and hold mayoral elections.""

Councilman Arieh King has listed a number of contrary and subversive acts by the Mayor in Jerusalem between Jewish/Arab interests. Please read the above article for the facts.

!? Minister for "Peace Now Policy" ?!
what an oxymoron