14 January 2015

Europe Begins to Feel They Are Drowning in the Multiculturism of Muslim Extremism

How dare political figures tell Europe's Jews "Not To Leave" (the Galus)! When nationalism is erupting its ugly forces, and demonstrations becoming the norm, shouldn't the Jews join their family in the Homeland! Maybe they are afraid of mass emigration ... To where? 

Or maybe HaShem will force Europe to ship them to Israel?

Now, the Jewish problem is really involving the entire world.

Maybe, the Europeans are scared of being swallowed up in their cultural ideology, and now want the Jews to remain as a BUFFER against the terrorists? Because they feel they are being by over run by extremist hatred? Are they now drowning in multi-culturalism. What will they do if things get worse . . . NOT allow the Jews to leave? I don't doubt that America might do just that!

et tu Multiculturalisme (Fr)

et tu Multikuralismus (Ger)

et tu Multiculturalismo (Ital)

mulʹtykulʹturalizm  (Ukr)

çokkültürlülük (Turk)

mångkulturalism (Swede)

 et tu  Multikulturalisme   (Denmark)     Danish Jews want protection

fjölmenningu (Iceland)

And the list goes on and on . . . .

A WSJ article on the rise of Europe's Nationalism Europe’s Ascendant Anti-Immigration Movements Try to Capitalize on Deadly Paris Attack

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