11 January 2015

Arrogance is Exploding in Europe

Arrogance is Exploding in Europe*
"This is Just the Beginning"

"ISIS Communications Claim Paris Attacks 'Just the Beginning'"

"Shortly after the attacks in Paris, the US National Security Agency (NSA) had intercepted communications in which leaders of the extremist group announced the next wave of attacks, the tabloid said, citing unnamed sources in the US intelligence services. Paris was cited as being the signal for a series of attacks on other European cities, including Rome . . ."

"France to Protect Jewish Institutions 'With Army if Necessary' French Jewish leaders meet President Francois Hollande, say authorities ready to use military to protect synagogues, schools."

"French PM: If 100,000 Jews leave, it will no longer be France"

Someone should tell Hollande, "thanks, but who wants to live under armed guards."
Someone should tell the French PM, "its a bit late for your sentiments."

"Yeranen Yaakov has a very insightful analysis (on why France) and interesting gematria: "Paris in the Sixth Millennium" (my addition)

And "Tomer Devorah cautions world Jewry: "Today, it's France, tomorrow it's Britain, and the day after... it's the US"

Just in case, "muslim arrogance".

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