03 July 2014

Our Hypocritical World

After over 18 days of fear, concern, emotional trauma, we awake this morning to a Jerusalem Post headline, saying that "... Slaying of Arab youth limits options on response to killing of Israeli teens". The Government has weakened after a massive show of achdus, and now falls victim's - again - to Arab lies, distortion and subterfuge.

The Israeli leaders had to beg and coax the world's leaders to recognize and condemn the kidnapping and premeditated murder of three Jewish teens, but on superficial slander involving an Arab youth, right away they condemn, attack and threaten Israel without knowing the truth. The Israeli media is very much complicent in this barrage against a still grieving Jewish Nation. They rush to make headlines without thinking of their ramifications, playing into the subterfuge of the world so-called powers. Read what the world has the temerity to say:

"World leaders were unanimous Wednesday in condemning the killing of Mohammad Abu Khdeir, a 16-year-old Palestinian who was most likely kidnapped and murdered in revenge for the death of three Israeli teens that were abducted and recently found dead in the West Bank."

"The White House spokesperson said the death of the Palestinian teenager was a "heinous murder" and called on the perpetrators to be brought to justice."

"In a series of posts on Twitter, National Security Adviser Susan Rice said the US is paying close attention to the investigation into the death of 17-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir. She also offered condolences to his family and the Palestinian people." Did we hear from Obama about our boys?

“There are no words to convey adequately our condolences to the Palestinian people,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in the statement." And: "He said it was sickening to think a young boy could be “snatched off the streets and his life stolen from him and his family" Was it not sickening, Mr Kerry, when Three Jewish boys were snatched...? All of a sudden Kerry is at a loss for words ... Good, he should continue to be at a loss for words, especially when offering advice to Israel, and when trying to create a peace partnership between freedom loving Jews and murderous Arabs.

"Quartet Representative Tony Blair also commented on the killing saying, "There is no possible justification for such a horrendous act - and the perpetrators must be found swiftly and brought to justice. Extremists must not be allowed to exploit the events of the last weeks to spark a further escalation in violence."

After the Mayor of Jerusalem believed the lies and went public in condemnation, only one of his Councilmen had the constitution and clarity of mind to say it like it is -

"Rioting the Product of Premeditated Incitement: Jerusalem Councilman Aryeh King blames rioting on lack of police presence, claims murder planned specifically to arouse unrest." "Over 75 Israeli and Palestinian Arabs have allegedly been injured rioting, which included burning down three light rail stops and throwing rocks, pipe bombs, and Molotov cocktails at both police and press."

And what about all the fires in and around Jerusalem? "A week ago, a major fire broke out in the forest near the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Kiryat Yovel and Ein Kerem. Hundreds of residents of nearby apartment buildings were evacuated as the flames reached roads in the area." Families forced from their homes by flames. Choking smoke around Jerusalem. What a coincidence! Just when Arabs are rioting!

No, no such thing as "coincidence" ... These too are premeditated - arson.

And what about the Rocket attacks? Are we now a punching bag for Hamas, so they can lob all the rockets they want and we are to "show restraint"!! The world says be careful, slow down. And the Israeli leaders decide not to lead but to cave in to 'world pressure'.

The hypocrisy is astounding. But as Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi has said "Look what the Creator will do to them; He will ruin their economy, as they wanted to do, measure for measure, to Israel.  Their swords will go in their own hearts; their arrows will break and cause themselves damage." this because the entire Arab world is in chaos, caused by and perpetrated against their own.

SO NOW HAMAS WANTS TO UP THE AGGRESSION: In a statement, Islamic Jihad held Israeli authorities and the army responsible for what it said were “continuous attacks on Palestinians, their lands and religious sites.” The Islamic Jihad terrorist group said on Wednesday that “settlers” were a “legitimate target” for “the resistance”, the Ma’an news agency reported.









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...and they all fall down.

CDG, Yerushalayim

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