18 July 2014


Thank you David Gleicher, in a letter to today's Jlem Post,
"...In order to remain under ground, Hamas [terrorists] need electricity and fuel, otherwise they would be forced above ground ...."

The papers are full of wordy articles expounding the tactical wisdom of Netanyahu, or to the contrary, the ineptitude of the current decision makers, in dealing with our being under attack once again in a never-ending campaign by these terrorist to rid the middle east of Jews.

Anti-semitism is becoming rampant all over the world, Belgium, France, Germany, in the US in California, New York and many, many other countries.

Our soldiers are entering Aza. With David's one cogent sentence, we have a tactic that could save many soldiers' lives as they walk the minefields of Gaza. This brilliant tactic stands strong against the myriad of columns of advice we witness every day online and inprint.

The Geulah message is, like a Harvester collecting the grain from His fields into the center for processing:  Jews come home to Eretz Yisrael where your neshomas and mitzvos are needed for the upcoming big Geulah harvest. But do the Jews in far flung areas of the globe see the handwriting on the wall or understand this? The message is not getting through. Their leaders are also entrenched in foreign ideologies. The Golus is so difficult to separate from. So the gathering continues, propelled by the Hand of HaShem.

The crack in the dyke of leadership was started by Naftali Bennett, and now widened by Danny Danon, and some say Moshe Feiglin is waiting to jump into action. Again, it is obvious that there needs to be a sea change in the decision-making direction of the leaders of Israel. 

Will this next change be the one to do it? To bring Moshiach finally? We have been told Moshiach is very close and waiting to reveal himself to us. 

Are we ready?


Leah said...

Shalom, Neshama. Still erev shabbos here. Things are moving so rapidly. The things we see going on use to take 30 years to develop. Now? Daily basis. I really think what is going on is the " final widening of the birth canal."
I went to Israel last year to look for a place to bring my family to live and schools etc.
Everyone straight across the board (no joke) said flat out: "Your kids are too old." I spoke with approx. 5-6 agency reps; many schools- even the guidance counselors at some of the schools. They all said the same thing.
I appreciated their honesty and when I came back I relayed all that was said to my husband. We don't want to "lose" our kids to a struggle that may be too much for them- especially one of our children in particular.
Parnassoh? Ok, so they said my husband is in a category where it would be difficult to find work due to his age etc... Impossible? No, just difficult. Ok, so that would make it doable- not a deterrent. Kids, though? that is a difficult one. Many many people relayed to us the set backs they had with regards to their older teens when they moved. Language; friends; schooling and social stuff; different elements working against us...
Ok, so mu husband and I decided that it may be better to stay and leave it as status quo for now. We have updated passports; know of what city we would want to lay down roots in etc.....not easy. I was prepared to pick up and go like that! Many advised against it.
I believe the geulah is coming and I do not want to be stuck in chutz l.
I remind myself of something that Rabbi Winston said: "If for whatever reason you can not make aliyah, at least long to be there."
Shabbat shalom.

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