29 April 2011

Mankind Gone Insane

Look around you, see what your local 'news'paper prints on it's cover page, listen to your average 'news' radio broadcasts and you will find mainly

Human Terrorism, Bio-Terrorism & Eco-Terrorism

The only nation that truly desires PEACE is Eretz Yisrael and the Jewish People

But the world is only interested in greed, war, persecution, killing, starvation. The one united national body is the one entity that supports the most anti-Israel resolutions voted on by the most anti-Jewish countries gathered together under this entity.

Honesty, integrity, and truth are being co-opted by evil.

So what else is new?

In America ... Storm death near 300 in South...
Deadliest Swarm of Twisters Since 1974...
Among Largest, Strongest Ever Recorded...

Are we witnessing Eco-terrorism?

Or is this "Nature's" way of taking revenge on nations that refuse to support Israel in the World's political arena, and instead their leaders aid, abet, support and condone financially & militarily, surreptitiously.

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