08 February 2011

Yeshiva Yid Visits Family's Roots ... and Happens to Witness the Egyptian Uprising

There have been many amazing stories about the Egyptian Uprising and Revolution, but mostly from a journalist or reporter's personal experience. Here is a Jewish descendant from the original Exodus from Egypt, tracing his 'roots' and witnessing the demise of a present day Pharaoh

"... Born and raised in Brooklyn, Setton may be a native New Yorker but his roots are Egyptian. “While Egypt’s history with Judaism has been long and often turbulent,” said Setton, “a lot of people might not realize the presence and the value Egypt had for the Jewish nations throughout history. Egypt has housed many sages, from Maimonides to Rabbi Yosef Azoulay, known as the Hida, and even Rabbi Ovadia Yosef for several years. There are many synagogues to see and a rich history to learn from.” And so for winter break, he decided to travel from Israel to Egypt to take what he likes to call a “family heritage trip.” ..."

Full interview at YU University News

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yaak said...

You're the first place I saw this in English. I only saw it in Hebrew here.