27 February 2011

One Person's Paranoia

The following [companion piece to Invasion ... ] is one person's reflection [not mine]on how things have changed in America. When you really think carefully, it should remind one of the Sci-Fi films and books that were

Genetic Patdown: Department of Homeland security begins testing DNA scanners this summer.

I remember in 2008 when President Bush signed into law, a bill that would allow the Federal Government to begin screening the DNA of all newborn babies in the U.S. Now nearly three years later we are seeing the testing of DNA scanners. Is this connected or just a coincidence? What will America look like in 5 years? How can we reverse this police state? Where are the Shepard’s for the sheep?

One of my many observations and stories…

When I was a kid growing up in sunny Florida, I remember watching Space Launches from my front lawn. We were so close to the cape that we would hear the occasional sonic boom at dinner. I remember friendly police and deep blue skies. I remember going to the grocery store and filling up two carts of food for less then 150 bucks. I lived the dream and felt the freedom of America.

As time progressed I noticed camera looking things being placed at all the intersections and I remember asking my father, “What are those dad?” He said, “Son, those are just there to make the light change faster.” I soon began noticing the cops on every street corner and again asked my father, “Why are there so many cops everywhere dad?” he replied, “Son, they are just there to make you safe.” As I began driving, I noticed I would get pulled over by police and get bullied around, what are you doing? Where are you going? Step out of the car, Sit on the curb, lets have a look through your car. It got so bad that if I left my house after 9pm I was almost surely going to get stopped and harassed. I soon learned to drive in the rain because I wouldn’t get stopped as much and thankfully it rained a lot in Florida. Since then I moved to the country and haven’t had the same experiences with being stopped and harassed but I have noticed the same signs it’s leading that way, the same signs I saw before.

There are cameras either installed or being installed on every major intersection, clusters of cameras every 1 to 5 miles on the highway, side streets are loaded with police, they have predator drones flying over Miami. The police don’t even say hi when I say hello, they look beefed up and ready for war, almost as if they have dissociated themselves from the citizens. The once deep blue skies don’t seem too blue anymore; they seem to be loaded with contrails that last all day. I have witnessed the closing of NASA and the recycling of the Launchpad. A little green basket at the grocery store cost almost 100 bucks now. The tap water taste like pool water and is loaded with fluoride and other chemicals. The constitution protections are slowly being removed and our privacy and freedoms are being lost. The dollar is being devalued and everything is made in china. The country is debt and the people we elect, republican or democrat move forward with the same agenda. How can we restore what America was? How can we fix our problems? Is it too little to late?

Genetic patdown, come on, this is crazy, what’s next…

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