27 February 2011

Invasion ... of the body snatchers

Well, not quite, but close enough in the USofA.

TSA mandates a government x-ray of your body
TSA then institutes touching in search for weapons
TSA now needs to view your DNA

They'll yet think of a way to get into your head with a machine-brain connection.

Genetic Patdown is the new approach of Big Brother Govenment for further intrusion into your life, all in the name of providing security.

If one puts all the pieces of this security puzzle together, the whole looks very different than it's disparate parts. Computer chips in passports, under the skin, X-ray scanners, body searches, DNA files on citizens, mandatory computerized medical records of all patients, IRS scrutiny into your personal lifestyle, mandatory intrusionary census data.

Who can one complain to?

What government official can return America's former dignity to it's citizens. If anyone dares to address this and other intrusion issues, something happens to them. I'm afraid that it is too late. There is no hope for "the land of the free and the home of the brave..."

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