01 February 2011

The "Grandfathers" Revolutions

The storms in the rest of the world are pushing blessings into Eretz HaKodesh
The proliferation of the concept of truth and transparency flooding the media is sending blessings into Eretz HaKodesh
This Blessing is the Rain that has been raining for several days ...
no shuttles, no meetings

The Grandfather Rulers:
Like dominos, one by one, middle east cities are lighting up the skies. Their entrenched rulers, grandfather regimes (Mubarek, Quadaffi, Asad, Abdullah, Saud). Social eruptions political turmoil, people in need of expression or a calculated takeover?

Reuters reports: " ... As in many other countries across the Middle East, Egyptians are frustrated over surging prices, unemployment and an authoritarian government that tolerates little dissent." Is this a cry for democracy, or the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood?

But who are the "Brotherhood" we hear are behind this uprising of the youth, demanding a democratic society? In Tuesday's Jerusalem Post print edition, a headline read "Muslim Brotherhood leader: 'Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel.' " Now, that doesn't sound democratic to me. Read Smooth Stone's analysis.

Edwin Black, reporter par excellence: Egypt Protests - Mideast House of Cards Brought Down in Days by Twitter and the Arab Street.

Jordan in Upheaval. 70% are Palestinians, not allowed to vote because their identity cards have been retrieved by King Abdullah II. So, now we have the Jordan Brotherhood!

And in Tunisia, they are burning Torah Scrolls in the El Ghriba Synagogue. We were told that the Jews of Tunisia were not a target, that this was a "Jasmine" revolution to rid them of a repressive regime. Is this more of the Middle East brand of democracy?

Ever so quietly, Iranian warships are heading for the Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Canal.

The Upheaval Continues

Fire, Ash and Lightning Exploding ... Snowbound in Artic Blizzards

"Nature" is angry. Volcanic Eruptions tumultuous floods, blinding blizzards wildlife suicides are not global warming. The latest in a long explosion of disruptions in the natural world is an Icelandic eruption in Japan. A small beautiful island in the far east. What might be their nemesis? Tremendous lightning and fire at Shinmoedake. Japan on alert after volcano's biggest eruption in 50 years. (These pictures are awe inspiring.)

But " Nature" is more than day and night,
the abundant air, wind, sunshine,
tides and routine changing seasons.
It's the rustling impatience of the Creator of the Universe.

Yes, there are some that understand.
Then others who, in their 'anti' frame of mind cannot conceive that there is a Creator and that He is still in control of everything.

We are definitely not alone.

There is accountability after all.

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