16 February 2011

The Come Back Nations or a Prelude to Gog UMagog

Do you see what is really happening:

National Revivalism

It's being cloaked as striving for work, food and 'respect' sweeping across the global map?

After the return of the tiny Jewish remnant nation to it's biblical lands:

We are witnessing the revival of Islamic dominance and its "picking up from where it left off" (which has been the palestinian starting point of all the negotiations with Israel) in the 6th or 7th Century. That was their unfinished attempt at world domination.

Now the world Islamists aspirations of regaining world dominance have been reawakened. We are actually watching country after country under the guise of western style Muslim democracy rising from the "peoples".

Turkey declared it wants to revive the Ottoman empire (albeit as Hummus King of the world).

Dare we even imagine that "our new friend" Germany wants to revive a leadership of Europe and then the World? (Shhh!! This is only conjecture.)

Two very interesting pieces seem to hint that there is more to the "helpful hand" of Germany in the US and Egypt (and all over the world): "Israel and America need to WAKE UP and FAST!"
here and the "Federal Republic of Germany"

This brings to mind the prophetic warning about "Germania" from the Talmud that says:

Beware of Amalek, who comes to destroy you (the Jews) There is a discussion of where this germania is located. This land either refers to parts of Iran or Germany, or maybe the discussion is to alert us that it is BOTH. Read
here about Girmanya and Gog Umagog.

Does anyone dare to believe this?
Well, we need to read this.

Yesterday I saw a video about the familial connection between Germany and Iran, on the Tamar Yonah blog, "Mubarak in Coma and Saudi King Dead? A commenter to YerenanYaakov blog wrote in about the Zohar Vayera 119a, it says in part, "...wars will be awakened in the world on the North side, and TWO KINGS WILL FALL in these wars, and the entire world will come together against Bas Yaakov...". Something to think about:

Who wants to lead Europe?

When the Kaiser Wilhem cane to visit the old Yishuv everyone came out to visit him except for the Chief Rabbi, who said: "I have a kabala from my Rebbe, the Brisker Rov, that the Germans come from Amalek."

How so? Amalek was a grandson of Eisav, born from his son Elifaz and a concubine. This concubine who before this, had wanted to convert to Judaism, but was denied, and to make a long story short, she became a concubine in retaliation, and it was her hatred that entered the child named Amalek (from a Midrash I read and don't have a source and hope I got it right)

"Eisav hates Yaakov" is a Halacha (a Jewish law for all time).

Who wants control of the Suez?
As the video above indicates, Iran also dominated much of the world at one time. And so the taste of reviving dead ideologies is in the air.
Iran wants free access to the Suez, Sinai oil and Sinai Uranian!
Guess who's sailing up/down the Suez tonite.

Who will come to open the Suez if Europe, Israel, America are denied entry?

The pieces as I see it point to various countries getting into a third war over their various aspirations. And little Israel will be blamed simply because they started it! ... by their own re-emergence into history!

I had alot of time to do some reading, as you can see from this collection of ideas, while a bit under the weather. No, not snow, just the flu. And, No, I wasn't taking any mind altering drugs while ill, just my 'natural home remedies."

The Masterful plan of the Concealor and Controller of the world.

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