01 February 2011

Chicago: 3 Inches an Hour Gliding over to Detroit

To our dear bloggers in Chicago, prepare yourselves, stock up on chips and dips, make a giant pot of soup, get out the emergency generators, and watch it all from inside your warm comfy homes.

A Time to Remember ... 1-2 February 2011

Freezing Ice
Extreme Cold
Gusty Winds
up to 50 mph
Whipping Snow into Huge Drifts
3 to 5 feet
Freezing Power Lines
The Worst Storm
Paralyzing Blizzard

Chicago to Detroit

In New York and the Northeast
Accuweather: "The bottom line is a historic storm impacting not only people in the Midwest and in the Plains, but the Northeast where the worst of the storm will strike on Groundhog Day. A severe weather outbreak could also spawn tornadoes in the South."

I know the New York Chassidim in Boro Park and Williamsburg are not daunted by a little snow and ice. We will see them heading to Shomer Shabbos to daven 3 times a day, then gather in 'Super Miller's 13' and 'Mega 53' to discuss the latest earth shattering events, plus a sharp bit of Torah, and then bring home the bread and spread to the kinderlach.

check here and here and here for the latest on the snow

just your average day of global warming

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yaak said...

"To our dear bloggers in Chicago" - do you know any others? :-)

Thanks for the advice! :-)

"just your average day of global warming" - lol