18 February 2011

Bahrain is where the US Fifth Fleet is stationed!

It's amazing how leader after leader is being taken out via stroke or coma!
Now the Tunisian guy is gone. Who's next? They're all quivering now.
"hyper-dermic needle will travel!?"

Straight from the John Batchelor Show: (link in title)

"Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ, reporting from Beirut on the turmoil in Manama, Bahrain. The House of Saud endorses a crack-down of limitless violence against the Shia underclass, and the Sunni monarchy in the tiny island state obliges. Again, POTUS and the NSC are acting cauty unawares, which is peculiar, given that Bahrain is the headquarters of the Fifth Fleet in the Gulf. The protesters in Bahrain are run by the IRGC out of Tehran, and this is a black operation, and the monarchy is marked for death.

Does POTUS know that Bahrain is a Tehran target? Am told that there is nothing negative to say of POTUS Obama than has not already been said in all the Arab capitals. The Arabs disdain POTUS and no longer look to him for credible choices. There will be more blood. Trouble in Yemen; trouble in Jordan; trouble in Lebanon; trouble in Sinai.

Now there is trouble for the Fifth Fleet: is there an evacuation plan? Am told that the opinion in Egypt is that if Mubarak had used violence in the first days, then he would still be in Cairo. Am told that Egypt has a long way down, and, like all revolutions, anarchy is the next phase, and then after that the most violent political party will be Rewarded"

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