26 December 2010

Who's Discriminating Now?

Are Esveld and Abbas reading from the same script?

Mr Esveld, a professional watcher of human rights abuses, who criticizes Israel as being discriminatory in it's dissemination of water to the palestinians, is discriminatory himself because he and his HRW (Human Rights Watch) voiced no objection to Abbas's comment that Israelis and Jews are verboten in any future palestinian state, should that ever come to be, Heaven forbid.

Is that not discriminating, Mr Esveld?

Au contraire, Israel gives them food, water, electricity, farms, medical care, and years of patience for them to show the world that they are self-sustaining and productive, but instead they spend the millions of dollars of aid on sending missiles, rockets, human bombs, and other incendiary devices into Israel against it's citizens.

This is their continuation of Nazi-like tactics against Israel. The Farhud and no one objects to their warped association with death.

Well, I object to Mr. Esveld's myopic viewpoints

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