28 December 2010

What does Hashem want from His children?

In the next few Torah Parshios we witness the Hand of G-d as "nature". Awesome is the only word for Yetzias Mitzrayim, our liberation from bondage in Egypt and the beginning of Am Yisrael as a people and a nation.

What if the Jordan river turned blood red? Or an invasion of locusts eats up our lettuce, parsley, spinach, and everything else green?

Well, what do you call a tsunami that devasted everything in it's path? Taking down buildings, homes, trees, everything for miles.

What do you call a volcano that spewed volcanic "dust" that brought Europe to a standstill and halted all air
traffic because the dust would paralyze engines, like the dust-like
lice in Mitzrayim?

What do you call huge waves of weird weather sweeping across the globe, turning the warm southern US into ice, freezing Florida temperatures, devastating wheat crops in Russia, bringing mounds of snow paralyzing countries.

The New York EMS called it: Worst Disaster Since 9/11
That beautiful fluffy stuff turned the northeast coastline of America into a giant snowball, dropping 31" in Boston, 21" in Brooklyn, that grounded everyone for two days in howling winds and giant snow drifts locking people in cars, trains, and their homes.

Maybe like the "darkness" of Mitzrayim that held people frozen?

These are happenings that affected other places and countries.

Now we are experiencing amazing events in tiny Eretz Yisrael. The messages are getting louder and closer to us.

Carmel Forest on Fire: A monster wild fire that consumed everything in its path, if not protected by the Shabbos observance of the area's Jews.

Haifa is the only Israeli city that allows full traffic flowing on the Shabbat. Much of the land scorched by the wrathful fire had not tasted Shabbos observance. In one place the fire consumed a library, except for a Sefer Tanach, and in another place the crackling flames headed straight for a community, but was repelled by their Eruv! Just like Hashem's decree on the oceans to STOP at the shoreline sands. A stirring video made about the Carmel Fire.

What do you call 'nature' that displays it's mighty strength to all peoples of the world?

I call it the Hand of Hashem!

Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson and G-d's Arrows:

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in the vanguard said...

You say,
" In one place the fire consumed a library, except for a Sefer Tanach."

Another incident, I don't now recall, there was disaster - but only the Rebbe's picture remained intact, unmoved.

Do you think the Haifa citizenry got the message? Or - in that other place I don't now recall?

I hope so.