31 December 2010

Global What ...?

G-d has filibustered America, especially the east coast and the new York Jewish community.

A famous Brooklyn community.

And as one Boro Parker noted: "To summarize it took 78 hours, 12 trained and licensed city employees, 10 pieces of heavy duty equipment, 3 different city departments DSNY, NYPD and DOT to start cleaning 20 plus inches of snow on 45th Street between 14th & 15th avenue but wait they did not finish they just started." (Photo by Eli, vosizneias)

One city mayor, Cory Booker, has taken the snow by storm. Singlehandedly he tackled the mess and even delivered diapers to a distressed mother. No wonder his NJ voters elected this personable, religious, sensitive Black man.

While the NY Mayor was in denial. Life was under 20 inches and Bloomberg was stuck in a drift.

EMS services came 9 hours late to a crown heights apartment vestibule to find a newly arrived tiny fragile life snuffed out. The mother just couldn't push against the winds and slashing snow to get to the hospital to bring her child into the world.

The ominous signs are not the unplowed streets or hazardous walking/driving conditions. It's the insubordination of the sanitation dept workers, who thought to ‘teach the Mayor a lesson’.

Anarchy in NY seems only a few disasters away.

Airport rage, train rage, stores closed, people unable to go to work because transportation was frozen still, top that with fare hikes, loss of wages, sick leave, and medical issues. This spells disaster!

At whom do "the people" vent their rage when they’ve had enough, in every galus the Jews have lived?

The walls of security seem to be closing around the ghettos of America. Once the richest nation on the planet it is witnessing its own slow metamorphosis into a "third world power", some say.

Mitzrayim was 'the' richest and most powerful country at one time in history. They kept it's foreign peoples subservient behind the Nile trenches, but in a matter of months, lost everything to worker burnout and seemingly natural catastrophes.

They didn't call it "global warming"

When asked "what is it that Hashem wants from us"................…

He wants His children to observe the Shabbos, to be kind to one another, to share the Kedusha of Shabbos with one another, and to realize that some of us are in Eretz Yisrael to build up the Land and preserve its dignity and Kedusha.

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