11 July 2010

No Jews Allowed.......... anymore

This is a sample of what is happening across Europe and the Western World.


Vosizneias. "Sweden, a country long regarded as a model of tolerance, has, ironically, been a refuge for Eilenberg’s family. His paternal grandparents found a home in Malmo in 1945 after surviving the Holocaust. His wife’s parents came to Malmo from Poland in 1968 after the communist government there launched an anti-Semitic purge.

"But as in many other cities across Europe, a rapidly growing Muslim population living in segregated conditions that seem to breed alienation has mixed toxically with the anger directed at Israeli policies and actions by those Muslims — and by many non-Muslims — to all but transform the lives of local Jews. Like many of their counterparts in other European cities, the Jews of Malmo report being subjected increasingly to threats, intimidation and actual violence as stand-ins for Israel.

“I didn’t want my small children to grow up in this environment,” Eilenberg said in a phone interview just before leaving Malmo. “It wouldn’t be fair to them to stay in Malmo.” ...

"a much larger screaming mob of Muslims
and Swedish leftists
who threw bottles and firecrackers"

"...“I was very scared and upset at the same time,” recalled Jehoshua Kaufman, a Jewish community leader. “Scared because there were a lot of angry people facing us, shouting insults and throwing bottles and firecrackers at the same time.

"Alan Widman, who is a strapping 6-foot-tall member of parliament and a non-Jewish member of the Liberal Party who represents Malmo, said simply, “I have never been so afraid in my life.”

"...Anti-Semitism in Europe has historically been associated with the far right, but the Jews interviewed for this article say that the threat in Sweden now comes from Muslims and from changing attitudes about Jews in the wider society."

Original article: For Jews, Swedish City is a 'Place to Move AWAY FROM.'

Marcus Eilenberg, a 32-year-old lawyer whose grandparents found refuge in Sweden after the Holocaust, recently left for Israel after repeated anti-Semitic experiences.

Malmo, Sweden: The city of Malmo Sweden is located in the south of Sweden, and is Sweden’s third largest city after Stockholm and Gothenburg. Malmo Sweden was one of Scandinavia’s first modern settlements and has long attracted visitors for the interesting architecture that can be found located throughout the city. The convenient location of Malmo Sweden with its close proximity to Copenhagen [where Jews fled to as a safe haven!] makes it a popular tourist destination.

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