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15 January 2018



Replacement El Al Plane Lands in Canada

Replacement El Al Plane Finally Takes Off

The Story (in brief):

Full article can be read at YWN

An El Al flight from JFK to Israel was forced to make an emergency landing on Sunday morning. El Al flight ELY008 landed at an airport belonging to the Canadian Army in Goose Bay, Canada. The flight had departed JFK airport in New York at 1:00AM on Sunday morning. Multiple passengers told YWN that the plane was shaking terribly when the pilot called “mayday” and made the landing on the small air strip. “We heard loud noises coming from the engines”, one passenger told YWN.

When informed that many passengers were saying Tehillim, the pilot whispered that he keeps the Tehillim that his grandmother gave in the cockpit with him at all times! Mi K’amcha Yisrael!

[. . .]

MK Meir Porush is reportedly on the flight, as well as many people flying to the Agudah Yarchei Kallah in Yerushalayim.

Of Special Note:

On the plane is the Aron of Mrs. Mira (Hager) Cohen Wein A”H – who was on the way to her Kevura in Har Hamenuchos. She is the wife of Rabbi Berel Wein (Jerusalem); former wife of Rabbi Dr Samuel Cohen, Z”TL; Mother of Baruch Cohen (Los Angeles), Michael Cohen (Brooklyn) and Miriam Silberberg (Monsey). She is a descendant of the Vizhnitz-Kosov-Ontinia-Zalishchik-Rizhin Chassidic dynasties, and a Holocaust survivor of the Transnistria concentration camp.

As of this posting (and the time could change due to EL AL 1008 landing in Israel: Cell contact: (972)54.454.3618), Kevurah will be at Har Menuchos, Har Tamir, Gush Taf-Daled, Chelka Aleph, Chelkas HaRabbonim. Monday, January 15, 2018 at 11:00 AM. Shiva will be at Rabbi Wein’s home, 15 Ben Maimon St., Shacharit at 7 AM, Mincha at 4:55 followed by Maariv.

[10 am ArutzSheva news brief: "Passengers on the El Al flight which carried out yesterday an emergency landing in Canada due to indications of a fire in the landing gear of the plane have landed this morning in Israel."]

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