30 August 2016

SEE UPDATE – Double Hurricane Headed to Hawaii – A Meteorological First

UPDATE  HERMINE slams into Florida
  • Hermine barrels north: First hurricane to hit Florida in 11-years leaves one dead and more than 200,000 without power as it causes a trail of destruction while it thunders up toward the East Coast
  • 'Life-threatening' Hurricane Hermine made landfall in Florida with 80mph winds and 12ft storm surges
  • Category 1 storm hit just east of St Marks, south east of Tallahassee, at 1.30am and is heading north east
  • Hurricane slammed into rural part of Florida, knocking out power for more than 200,000 people across four states
  • Authorities in Ocala, Florida said a man was found dead under a tree in a wooded area early Friday
  • Heavy rain, storm surge flooding and high winds are sweeping ashore and the system will then spread up the coast to the Carolinas on Friday and Saturday
  • It is the first time a storm of this magnitude has hit Florida since Hurricane Wilma killed five in 2005
  • In Florida, there was concern the heavy rainfall and high winds from Hermine could sideline the state's efforts to fight the Zika virus Daily Mail

Double Trouble Headed to Hawaii  and

In what’s being hailed a meteorological first, two back-to-back hurricanes are marching toward Hawaii, both of them threatening torrential rains and rip-roaring winds this week. The closer of the two, hurricane Madeline, could break a 
second as the first hurricane to strike the Big Island since bookkeeping began in 1949.

Hurricanes are rare in Hawaii [. . . ] “Usually the waters [along this storm track] are on the edge of what’s needed to support hurricanes,” . . .“Now, they’re just warm enough, and it’s making a big difference.”

Source: Two Hurricanes Churning to Hawaii

. . . Tropical trouble: Storms head for Florida, North Carolina, Hawaii

Four separate tropical systems are taking aim on western Florida, the Outer Banks and Hawaii this week.
Two tropical depressions will bring rain and churning seas to the East and Gulf Coasts while two hurricanes approach Hawaii.

Both tropical depressions could become tropical storms before reaching land within the next couple of days. A tropical depression becomes a tropical storm when wind speeds reach 39 mph. Storms become hurricanes at 74 mph.

Source: Two Hurricanes to Florida, No Carolina and Hawaii

Are we beginning to see the intensifying effects of Nibiru and the arrival of Moshiach while we are approaching Rosh Chodesh ELUL, the time of intensification of our Avodah during the coming 40 days up to Rosh Hashanah?

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