21 April 2016


Each Pesach season the City of David offers TOURS especially for children, and Adults. Here are some and one can find more at

Tour the City of David with Dee Dee Exciting New Attraction Especially for Kids – Tour the City of David with Dee Dee. 
Help Dee Dee find his way through the site, while discovering hidden stories and bringing ancient characters to life.
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Biblical City of David
Biblical City of David Tour- Passover 2016 A Journey through Time to the Place Where it all Began…
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From the City of David to the Western Wall
The Temple Mount Ascent - Passover 2016: City of David-Western Wall Corner A New Guided Tour of the Most Recent Discoveries from the Second Temple Period.
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Absalom’s Tomb Free: Experience the Kidron Valley - From Absalom’s Pillar to the Siloam Pool
Tour the biblical Valley of the Kings where the Jewish pilgrims passed through on their way to the Temple, and if you so choose, walk through the cool waters of Hezekiah’s Tunnel and explore the City of David at a reduced price!

Experience the excitement of a brand new tour. It’s a combination of the well-known water hike through Hezekiah’s Tunnel at the City of David with an enjoyable visit to the biblical Valley of the Kings, where pilgrims passed through on their way to the Temple during ancient times.

This new route includes an array of new attractions and entrance to the City of David at a discounted price.

The tour begins with a breathtaking view of the Mount of Olives. Stop at Absalom’s Tomb, a grandiose burial monument from the days of the Temple, for a rest stop. In the shade of the mountain, you will hear melodious authentic music and laugh at a short theatrical performance by a “biblical” actor who will bring you back to the days of the past.

Along the length of the route, you can stop and participate in various workshops and attractions that are all free of charge: camel riding, flute making, basket weaving and a musical circle.

A short walk through the Kidron Valley will lead you to the Gihon Plaza, where you can enter the best water attraction in Jerusalem – walking through Hezekiah’s Tunnel by the light of your flashlights, all the way to the Siloam Pool.

Entrance to the tunnel is offered at a special discounted price for visitors continuing from this tour. Tickets are available at the Mount of Olives Information Center at the beginning of the tour route, or at the entrance to the tunnel from the Gihon Plaza. There is also a dry tunnel for those who prefer not to walk through the water.

The tour is offered Sunday – Wednesday, 16th of Nissan – 19th of Nissan, April 24 – 27
From 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Tickets to enter Hezekiah’s Tunnel can be purchased between 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM.


A shuttle service will be available for those coming to the Passover in the Kidron Festival. You can park your car for a flat all-day rate at the Ammunition Hill parking lot and enjoy the round-trip free shuttle service straight to the Mount of Olives Information Center! The shuttle leaves the Ammunition Hill parking lot between 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM ever half an hour.

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