01 May 2011

Quid Pro Quo?

Obama: "I've Never Seen Devastation Like This"
(... forgot about Katrina, Japan ... Just wait til mid-May?)

Expressing amazement at the destruction all around him, President Barack Obama on Friday ... “I've never seen devastation like this." ..."It is heartbreaking.”

How could he say that?

New Unseen Footage of Japan Tsunami

As of April 4, a total of 14,358 people have been confirmed dead across Japan by National Police Agency, while 11,889 are still listed as missing.

Could there be a comparison with the tragedy in Japan: Not Just a Disaster of "Nature"? But there is a link. The support of terrorism, supporting Amalek, in its attack on the Jewish Nation. Remember, "The three big contributors to the genocidal driven enemies of Israel..." "Will you vote for someone who wants a two state solution? Which really is working toward a "final solution to the Jewish problem"? If you support Amalek, don't you become like Amalek? Would that make you an enemy of G-d also? "

My heart goes out to the innocent Americans, who should take their grievances and heartbreak to the polls! Become active politically locally and vote out of office those who are driving the country into disaster
Louisiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi

(Wait til the Mississippi flooding begins,
as citizens are being forewarned to save what they can)

"This is one disaster we can prepare for ahead of time," ... "Anyone living or owning property in the affected area needs to take this situation seriously and move any property to higher ground."

I am scared to death," said Choctaw, Mississippi, resident Bill Wheeler on Thursday. "The water is already rising, and I live very close to the river. I may lose everything."

Missouri ... fears that a levee break would unleash a torrent of water that would carve a channel through prime farmland, flood about 90 homes and displace residents. The rush of water also stood to cause an environmental catastrophe, the state argued, sweeping away everything from fertilizer to diesel fuel, propane tanks, pesticides and other toxins.

New Orleans ... The crest of the high river is expected to reach New Orleans on May 22.

Before and After Interactive Satellite images, taken by GeoEye the day after storms blasted through the south show a nearly straight line path of devastation, most likely from one tornado, stretching at least 10 miles..

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